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Exciting things are happening at your Library!

The renovation will turn the lower level into a welcoming and dynamic space designed to meet the evolving needs of our community.

When Phase 2 is completed, you will enjoy:

  • a new work/study/tutoring and group work zone
  • easy to navigate and accessible room that contains the majority of the library’s older book collection
  • Infrastructure upgrades that include: energy efficient LED lighting, more power outlets and improved wireless access for patrons using mobile devices.



Estimated completion date:  March 2020


The Renovation has been funded entirely through the generosity of private donors, New York State Construction Grants, and sales of Tuxedo Park: Lives, Legacies and Legends and Tuxedo Park: The Gift of Nature books.

If you are interested in donating to the library’s renovation fund, please reach out to Library Director, Diane Loomis at


Renovation Committee

Heather Bullard, Secretary Library Board

Marina Case, Advisor

Kevin Craig, Advisor

Barbara du Pont, Vice-President Library Board

Jeff Gundermann, Advisor

Diane Loomis, Library Director

Bonny Takeuchi, Library Board Member

Susanne Williams, Advisor


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