Tuxedo Park Library is pleased to offer no-cost Notary Public services for the benefit of the community. Notaries are commissioned or licensed by the NY Secretary of State and serve as an impartial witness when important documents are signed.  It is recommended that patrons call the library at 845-351-2207 prior to ensure that a Notary Public is available when they plan to visit.

Notary Hours

Monday: 9am – 5pm

Tuesday: 9am – 5pm

Wednesday: 9am – 8:30pm *(July thru August)

Thursday: 9am – 8:30pm

Friday: 9am – 4pm

Saturday: 10am – 3:30pm (1st, 3rd, 5th Saturday of the month)

Sunday: 11am – 2:30pm *(Labor Day thru June)

Please carefully read the following guidelines and exceptions before arriving:

  • Notary service is on a first-come, first-served basis, at the availability and discretion of staff. Library staff reserves the right to refuse notary services at their sole discretion.
  • All persons signing any document should bring a current valid government-issued photo ID that contains a signature, such as a NYS Driver’s License, valid passport or a US military ID card.
  • Documents should be completely filled out in advance, EXCEPT for the signature which will be completed in front of the Notary. A Notary cannot notarize documents that have already been signed.
  • If witnesses are required for a given document, it is the responsibility of the signer to supply them. The witness will be required to bring a valid government-issued photo ID as listed above.  The Library will not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from patrons using the Library.
  • Documents must be in written in English, and service will only be provided in English.
  • A Notary and the person seeking notarization must be able to communicate directly with each other. Library Notaries are not permitted to make use of a translator in a transaction with a Notary patron.
  • Notaries cannot certify the authenticity of a document, certify copies, or provide legal advice or counseling regarding documents.
  • In accordance with New York State Law, a notary cannot perform Copy Certification (confirm that a reproduction of an original document is a true reproduction, ex: birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, driver’s license). You must visit the State-issuing offices for these services.
  • Notary service is not available for power of attorney, mortgage documents, deeds, wills, living wills, living trusts, divorce, codicils, depositions, vital records, immigration, I-9 and financial documents. These types of documents can require specialized knowledge and are beyond the scope of this service.

Note that hours are subject to change, please call the library at 845-351-2207 in advance to make sure a Notary Public will be available when you plan your visit.