How can I meet with a digital navigator?

Connect with Gia, our Digital Navigator, for help with your tech troubles. Let her know what you need help with, and set up an appointment to meet at the library.

Call: (845) 351-2207 ext. 16

Get free support for your tech needs!

Being online is important for everything from job hunting to finding a place to live, and staying in touch with friends and family.

Getting connected isn’t always easy. And it can be costly. Digital Navigators of the Hudson Valley can help!

Navigators are people at local community organizations, such as libraries, that can help you find low-cost internet service, get your device working, and do things on computers or smartphones.

What does it cost? Nothing! It’s free to get help.

Digital Navigators can help you connect to low-cost internet service and learn to use a device so you can:

  • Find ways to purchase low-cost phones or computers.
  • Find local food and housing resources, and submit online applications.
  • Manage healthcare, including telehealth visits and patient portals.
  • Make a resume and apply for jobs online.
  • Make video calls with friends and family, or attend online meetings and informational sessions, like local government meetings.
  • Apply for benefits like SNAP, Medicaid, and more.

Visit to learn more about the Digital Navigators program.