Special holiday sale available through January 10th, 2022

To order, visit or call the Tuxedo Park Library. Sale prices are not available online. We accept cash, check and credit cards.

All sales proceeds benefit local not-for-profit community organizations: Tuxedo Park Library, Tuxedo Park Fire Department, Tuxedo Historical Society.


Purchase one, two or all three books!  Buy the trilogy now for only $145


TUXEDO PARK:  Lives, Legacies, Legends

This book tells the colorful stories of the individuals/families who created Tuxedo Park from 1886 through the mid-1940s, including Gilded-Age luminaries Waldorf Astor, Augustus Juilliard and Emily Post as well as the immigrant craftsmen who built the village’s historic buildings. Private diaries and oral accounts are woven into the region’s archival records. Illustrated with 150 previously unpublished historical images drawn from family, museum, and government sources.  Hardcover 176 pages  original price $80  Now $45


TUXEDO PARK:  The Gift of Nature

Tuxedo Park’s extraordinary biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and the history of its gardens are celebrated in over 200 breathtaking original color photographs by renowned Hudson Valley nature photographer, Greg Miller.

Hardcover 240 pages  original price $95  Now $55


TUXEDO PARK:  The Historic Houses

The first and only book that examines the architecture of Tuxedo Park designed by Gilded Age architects including Bruce Price, Carrere & Hastings, McKim, Mead & White, and Warren & Wetmore. Features 230 color photographs by photo artist James Bleecker, including exteriors and interiors of the period houses. Also provides a succinct history of the community from 1886 to 1950, illustrated with 50 vintage images. 

Hardcover 384 pages  original price $85  Now $60