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The Authors’ Circle Presents:
Dale A. Jenkins, Author of Diplomats & Admirals
Sunday, November 5th at 3PM

Author Dale A. Jenkins will discuss his book Diplomats & Admirals: From Failed Negotiations and Tragic Misjudgments to Powerful Leaders and Heroic Deeds, the Untold Story of the Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Midway with Gerald Howard, in person and livestreaming via Zoom.

It’s November 1941. Japan and the US are teetering on a knife-edge as leaders on both sides of the Pacific strive to prevent war between them. But failed diplomacy, foiled negotiations, and possible duplicity in the Roosevelt administration thwart their attempts. Drawing on now-declassified original documents, Diplomats & Admirals reveals the inside story of one fateful year. The defining events of WWII could have ended very differently. Combining perspectives from both military and civilian leaders, Diplomats & Admirals uncovers new insights into the Pacific naval battles that shaped the world—and the men behind them.

“Dale Jenkins’ fascinating and highly readable new book focused on the months before and after Pearl Harbor offers startling new facts regarding what happened in key, early battles, including the Pearl Harbor attack, the aborted relief of Wake Island and the opening moves of the Battle of Midway. Based on entirely new research and previously overlooked documents, it provides valuable insight as naval leaders ponder a threatening power in the islands of the South China Sea and Western Pacific.”
—John F. Lehman, Former Secretary of the Navy

About the Author:
Dale Jenkins has had a lifelong interest in the Navy and international affairs. He is a former US Navy officer who served on a destroyer in the Pacific, and for a time was home-ported in Yokosuka, Japan. Pacific Fleet commitments took him to the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. While on active duty he was awarded the Navy/Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal. His business career was primarily in international banking, and he also was a staff director at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Dale currently serves on the Samuel Eliot Morison Committee of the Naval Order of the United States, New York, and as a Regional Director of the Naval War College Foundation. As a result of his active duty experience and new revelations, Dale provides insights into the diplomacy and strategies of the Pacific region. He has degrees in history and business from Harvard and Columbia. Click here to visit his website.

About the Interviewer:
Gerald Howard
 is recently retired Vice President and Executive Editor from Doubleday Books. He is a recipient of the Maxwell E. Perkins Award. His essays and reviews have appeared in Bookforum, Lit Hub, n+1, The New York Times Book Review, and other publications.